Anonymous said: I don't understand how u fucked up the new apple cord... I have had mine since about a month after the change and mine still looks brand new so obviously Apple isn't the one with the problem you are

Hahahaha. This is what happens when sheeple try to lead the sheeple. Fucking sheep are fucking stubborn and contrary as hell.

Oh, and this was my first obnoxious and cowardly anon. Congratulations.


Korean Onion Farmers Drowning in Debt

By Jin Myeong-seon, staff reporter in Muan

On July 16, bags of onions were stacked up in various places on the road from Hyungkyung township to Haeje township in South Jeolla Province’s Muan County. For the past month, about 1,400 bags of onions have been stacked up on the shoulder of the road next to the fields at Ipseok village.

When Na Tae-ju, 65, started cultivating onions last year, he took out a loan of 30 million won (US$29,140). Today, he lowers his head in shame, unsure of how he is going to repay the money that he spent on seeds, fertilizer, farming equipment, and workers’ wages.

In 2013, the price of a bag of onions was 10,000 won (US$9.71). This year, the price continues to plummet, even with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs pulling out all the stops, including buying up product and not releasing it on the market, known as hoarding. “Some time ago, a broker offered me 4,200 won per bag, and I just couldn’t give it to him. There are some brokers who will only pay 3,000 won,” Na said.

Na Gwang-woon, 59, is the head of Ipseok Village, where 25 families are growing onions. “Producing 200 bags of onions costs exactly 1.5 million won. Just to break even, they have to make 7,500 won per bag. They’re all drowning in debt,” he said.

The purchase price offered by the government, which is taking steps to buy onions for the first time since 2003, is 6,500 won, but this doesn’t even meet the minimum production cost that the farmers are talking about. To sell onions to the government for hoarding, the farmers also have to pay to have them shipped all the way to Gwangju.

After the onion harvest, the fields of Muan ought to be full of soybeans, summer cabbage, and sesame, but most fields were bare or overgrown with weeds.

“In order to grow another crop, we have to invest more money. When farming just increases your debt, you stop farming,” said Lee Eun-ja, 50. Quite a few elderly people aren’t able to pay 60,000 won rental fee for equipment they used to cultivate the onions.

Generally, the onions that are harvested in June are put in a low-temperature warehouse and sold again in December, but the farmers aren’t even able to pay the storage cost of 2,000 won per bag.

The situation is not any different for the farmers who growing other kinds of vegetables, including peppers, garlic, radish, and cabbage. The price of such items has dropped 30-70% from last year. This is also why about 10,000 pepper, garlic, and onion farmers held a protest in Yeouido, Seoul, on July 10.

The farmers say that the falling prices are the result of opening up the market. One couple that took out a loan of 42 million won and planted onions on around 33,000m2 of land barely made 11 million won. “Farmers have trouble calculating things, but the government does, too. The government decided to import onions since the price was a little high last year, and it imported too much,” the husband said.

In fact, the Ministry attributes the falling prices to the fact that the 67,000 ton supply of onions has not run out. In 2013, 65,000 tons of onions were imported.

There isn’t much difference between the 48,000 ton stock of garlic and the 44,000 tons that were imported. The surplus stock matches the amount of vegetables that were imported.

In 2013, 91.4% of imported onions and all imported garlic came from China. This is why farmers are not very enthusiastic about the pledge made by Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to South Korea to import more Korean kimchi.

“Korea exports around 12,000 tons of kimchi to China and imports 130,000 to 150,000 tons from China. It is inconceivable that Korean farmers would benefit from a free trade agreement between the two countries,” said Kang Jeong-jun, chair of the Korean Garlic Industry Alliance.

Farmers feel increasingly defeated, sensing that they are being excluded from the benefits of market liberalization. “The price of onions now is similar to what it was 12 years ago when I first started farming,” complained Park Gwang-sun, 40, from Muan, a father of three.

“When you compare the wages of workers, the daily wage back then was 30,000 won, and today it is 140,000 won. It makes me think that the government is artificially holding down the price of produce to keep inflation down,” Park said.

Statistics from the Ministry show that between 2007 and 2012, the average annual household income of urban workers increased by 10 million won from 43.874 million to 53.908 million won, while the income of farmers actually decreased from 31.967 million won to 31.301 million won.

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marine turtles (the endangered loggerhead and green sea, the critically endangered hawksbill and the vulnerable pacific ridley) photographed by (click pic) harry otoi, christian miller, vaclav krpelik, reinhard dirscherlmichael patrick o’neill and andy rouse (see also: previous turtle posts)


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hcconn said: Part 1: I just read your posted ask about "do you wish your parents hadnt adopted you?" One of the reasons someone might want to know so desperately is if they were considering adoption or had adopted.




Part 2: I would be devestated if the child we adopted did not love us or consider us their real parents. So, do you see why you may get questions like this? It is a very scary thing, to put so much love into a child and have them resent you for it.
ooooh, ok. thanks for pointing that out to me (yes, i’m sorry i am being just a little sarcastic because yea, i knoooow the reasons why potential adoptive parents and adoptive parents would ask me that, frankly its not that difficult to figure out). 
but let me ask you a question. is that not the case with any child? do parents not put so much love into their biological children too? is not possible with ANY child that they also not love you or consider you their parents anymore or resent you? the answer is yes because i have seen that with plenty of children raised by their biological parents too. but do people go around asking biological children if they wished their parents hadn’t birthed them? even when those children say nothing bad about their parents at all (make note, i don’t speak poorly of my adoptive parents). hmmmmm, i wonder why not? i wonder what the difference would be between adopted people and non-adopted people that i would get asked that question in different forms many, many times (hint: i don’t always post those asks bc frankly they’re getting redundant).
ok, maybe it’s because i’m active in trying to fight for the right of poor, unmarried, brown women to raise their children (well then, perhaps i should start asking pro-choice activists if they wish their moms hadn’t birthed them???) maybe that’s why people ask consistently about if i wish i wasn’t adopted and how my parents feel about my activism. whether you want to admit it or not, this is tied into the assumption that adoptees should be grateful to our parents and it is “devastating” for adoptive parents (who have only had good intentions and loved their children) if those adoptees grow up to be critical of the systems of oppressions that put us in those families (want to talk about devastating, imagine giving birth to a child and being forced to give it away because the rest of the world tells you it is selfish for you to raise it).
the world is a complicated place. i can love my adoptive parents and still hate the corrupt system that took me from my birth mom without her permission and made them my parents. 

I was 18 and unmarried when I gave birth to my oldest son, I know the pressure put on young mothers to give away their children, though not to the extent Korean women face.

I come from an abusive family, my parents were horrible people which is why I cut off all contact with them, why I resent them and don’t consider them my parents. I come from poverty, we often had no water or electricity, we were on food stamps and even those my parents sold to other people to buy alcohol and cigarettes and worse. I know the many, many valid reasons that a child would grow to hate her parents.

I have a good family now, I have a son and daughter and husband who love me with all of their heart and whom I love with all of mine. My husband and I feel that we would like a bigger family (he comes from a family of 10) and we are considering adoption. I love our future adoptive child as much as I loved the idea of my biological children when they were just a clump of cells, just an idea of a baby.

The idea that my child (and an adopted child is just as much yours as any biological child) would grow up to resent being adopted scares me, that I would pour the same amount of love and affection into him, only to have hurt him, hurts me in turn.

I guess it might come down to what you believe. I believe that you choose your family, that those who love and care for you are far more important than blood ties.

then shouldnt you have the same worries that your biological children will grow up and not return your love? (i’m pregnant now and i’m certainly afraid my biological child will grow up to blame and resent me). why are you only worried about it with your adoptive children? what’s the difference? (oh but i thought there was no difference between bio children and adopted children?) what is it about this difference that makes people get all up in my inbox asking me if i wish my parents hadn’t adopted me but doesn’t make people ask biological children if they wish their parents hadn’t birthed them? you think it’s no big deal if a few people ask me that, try having people ask you that ALL the time. yea, it tends to make a person cranky about it. 

i guess it does come down to what you believe. i believe that if you understand the way the world pressures women to give up their children, then you shouldn’t do that to another woman just so you can have a bigger family?

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I get quite a few questions on my iPhone. As in, why are you still using that? You know you can get a new Samsung or iPhone5S practically for free? Isn’t it sluggish as hell?

To those, I say, I’m too lazy to buy an Android-based phone since I’ll have to learn a new OS. As for a new iPhone, I see no difference except that the new one uses 4G/LTE and is said to be faster than the old one. Also, because all the new phones use 4G/LTE, the phone bill would become significantly higher than my current flat rate of 33,000 won(around 30USD). My plan gives unlimited data, which is useful since I use it to connect to the internet on my iPad, laptop, etc. anywhere I go, including home. I refuse(am too lazy) to subscribe to a cable internet provider. However, all the new phone plans do not and the base rate is already much higher than what I pay now. Also, sticking it to KT/SKT/LG U+ who want to get rid of 3G users.

It may be a bit slow, but it does all I need it to do. Besides. Patience. It helps build character.

All in all, I probably spend at least 40 bucks less a month than I would have if I didn’t use this phone. Which is 40 bucks I’d rather eat than give to KT/Samsung/Apple/government. I’m lacking in dietary fibers anyway.

schwoos said: Hey there, I came across your tumblr after searching 정치 in the tumblr search engine. I just wanted to say that I appreciate the sociopolitical posts you've made concerning Korea, especially since I'm a Korean native but can't read Korean all that well after living in the states for such a long time. It's helped me stay informed more easily, keep up the good work :D

Thank you for your words. I am glad my rants on Korean politics are being helpful in any way. Though I must warn you that I am fairly biased and pigheaded which would also influence the views and “facts” that I post. Especially with anything that has to do with LMB, PGH, and the Saenuri. (Oh and the fucking 문어대갈 Cheon Du Hwan. I hope he lives all his future reincarnations as every single person who was tortured, incarcerated, and killed under his dictatorship.) So even if they did do something good, it would be very very hard for me to acknowledge. Take everything with a good grain of salt. Never trust anything you read without checking the facts yourself. And remember be it the US or Korea, people are people and politicians are all shit, no matter conservative or liberal.

Anonymous said: How.would you rank your level in korean out of 10 and what current are you in?

I would say I can talk as well as any high-school student, which is where my mental growth has stopped, unfortunately. As for currents, I am a landlubber so I am afraid those do not apply to me.

@enseoulment’s chat with her mother about grandchildren reminded me of my talks with my sister.

When I talk to my sister about my potential nieces/nephews, I tell her I don’t care who she procreates with, as long as he is pretty. As for intelligence, I’m pretty confident that our smart genes will overpower whatever dumbass genes the guy might bring.

Now, my sister is goddamn gorgeous herself, but I want to create the ultimate super baby to rule them all and am not willing to take any chances.

The thing about Apple that pisses me off is how crappy they started making their accessories after they became the ‘Louis Vuitton’ of mobile devices. For instance, I still use an iPhone4. In the past three years, I broke 5 charging cables. I’ve been using the current one for over a year now. It’s the one I got from my dear friend who always takes care of me. It lasted this long not because I am careful and take good care of it. It’s just a lot stronger and better made. It used to be his iPod charger which was a hand-me-down from his sister in 2007. Let that sink in for a minute. A charger made in at least 2007 lasts longer than that made in 2014.

The one on top is the charger from the past decade.
The one on bottom is my iPad charger from last year.
While the iPhone/iPod charger is still in pretty good condition, the iPad charger is about to go. The wires are frayed and there is a crack in the plastic head. Also, most of the gold-plating rubbed off on one side so I can only charge when that side is facing up.

The dirty grey wire is the iPad cable, the fairly clean one is the iPod. Though hard to discern in this photo, the iPod cable is also thicker and more resistant to folding.

No question in which will last longer(and stay cleaner).

So fuck you Apple. Thanks for making it possible for your customers to be called sheeple with good reason. The least you could do is not make a fool out your clientele.



Introducing, Dodocool Lightning Cable

Dodocool - $9.97

Apple - $19.00



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