Shah’s ass

bentlesthebumblebuttking I am but a vending machine to him.

My sister: I love Shah so much. He is such a nice cat. And he never bites!

Me: Yes. Shah is a nice ca… what?

My sister: Yes. He never bites.

Me: You mean compared to dogs?

My sister: No. He just never bites.


My sister: Huh. Maybe he doesn’t like you.

shutiao said: hey, so one of the youtube channels i follow (jubilee project) is coming up with a documentary on sex trafficking in korea called "save my seoul" if you want to check it out? the channel is run by korean-americans so i was wondering what you thought about it


Few things that seem off

1. We have people doing this already so….Idk why they’re acting like this doesn’t exist

2. A lot of the women do not want their private info leaked because obviously there’s a very real threat of backlash when that happens, I hope they’re more sensitive with that. Even their voices should be altered. 

3. “Instead, it’s a consequence of the broken Korean culture that turns a blind eye to and condones one of the biggest human injustices of our generation. 

Well, to get specific, it’s the consequence of dictatorships catering to dictat-I mean, father Park (rollseyes) who wanted to have sex with young girls and the military culture that backed him, which by the way, includes American soldiers because you cannot deny that the presence of the American military shaped prostitution as it exists here today. But yeah. 

4. To be honest, they should be less concerned with prostitution in Seoul and more in the islands and countrysides because at least the sex workers in Seoul have a chance of ever getting out, and work in relatively sanitary conditions with relatively safe environment, in the islands? Nah you aren’t even paid and get beaten up and killed if you try to.

5. This is also an immigrant issue because a lot of sex workers are 1). Korean-Chinese women 2). Southeast Asian women 3). Eastern European/Central European women 4). Central Asian women so we should also focus on that too if you’re going to be fair. I am not sure if they’re doing that.

6. “The purpose of Save My Seoul is to raise awareness of prostitution and sex trafficking in Korea for the Western world and ultimately to spur action to end trafficking in Korea and beyond. Because local Koreans are so familiar with this issue, we believe that change will happen when the world becomes aware of this brokenness in Korea. And it begins by shining a light on these injustices. 


We tried that. We tried to pass a law that banned all forms of prostitution in 2004. The sex workers basically said no. Here’s a picture of them protesting. 

What they wanted was to be seen as workers and given rights accordingly. Here are more photos. 

Both of them basically say, give us rights, give us labor rights and the right to survive. That’s because blatant crack downs on the issue robs them of a job. We need to think about how they can be supported via social services and how to make their environments safer instead of just getting rid of them, which I don’t see a lot of in their videos. 

7. Korea serves as a hub-from what I’ve read at least-with Chinese and Russian/Eastern European women coming from the North and Southeast Asian women coming from the South, some staying there and some being sent to other places in the world of sex trafficking. So you can’t just be like, “let’s get rid of this” because then you have to get rid of all the other places that benefit from using this peninsula as a hub, so there’s that. 

Ugh. So much distaste in my mouth right now.

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This crafty and cunning cat. A large box of his favorite snacks were delivered today. He has created a nest on my lap, purring luxuriously. I love his unabashed turnabout face.

Back at our school, whenever someone said something stupid we’d say “금잔디(the grass lawn in front of the business building) 깔고 들어왔나?”

불금 with Shah.

On My Bangs

goawaywithjae polyesterhearts nope. Look absolutely awful. This is what happens when you do something on a whim without a concrete sense of direction. Fuck. Got only myself to blame since I told the stylist to do whatever, I just wanted them cut. Will try to get them fixed tomorrow. If I fail, I will give up social life indefinitely.

futureseoul yeah… Never again.

itspuddingcakes I hope so!;-; currently on the verge of taking Shah’s razor to my head.


Little Ham on the other hand is just downright rude and ornery. And I love him for it.

Little Ham: Hmph. Took you long enough.

Shah: (thinks to himself) Why is that human not listening to my mind words. Can it not feel I need a snack and ear scratch?

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Rochester, New York, USA: Refugees Violently Targeted Arming for War

Jon Hand, Staff writer

11:43 a.m. EDT June 17, 2014

Bijaya Khadka looks at his father’s bloody, swollen face and the rage that has been building for years begins to crest.

"I was very angry, very mad. My father doesn’t even speak English," Khadka, 22, says in his heavy Nepali accent.

But his anger didn’t begin on the day in April when his father, a 56-year-old refugee from Nepal, was beaten and robbed by three young black men as he walked along Lake Avenue with only a new pair of sandals in his hand and a few dollars in his pocket.

Nor did his fury boil a few years ago when Khadka was struck in the back of his head and his uncle was thrown to the ground, robbed of $60 and two bus passes.

Rather, he says, the violent and misplaced anger he feels toward African Americans has been building for years in this small community of perhaps a few thousand South Asian refugees living in small pockets of northwest Rochester near and in Jones Square. The anger is fueled, he and more than a dozen other residents interviewed say, by hundreds of incidents of robbery and violent and verbal bullying in recent years.

And for Khadka and his brother, the sight of their injured father crystallizes that rage into a single clear, terrible and inappropriate thought — a thought that pays no mind to the many American complexities surrounding race and class:

They wanted to go to war with the black community.

"African-Americans are targeting them, and there is just so much of this they are going to take," said Bill Wischmeyer, an advocate for the refugee community known as "Mr. Bill."

"They’re angry. They are ready to explode and it’s going to get worse until someone ends up dead."

The violent, racially charged tensions in what was once a mostly black neighborhood have caught the attention of authorities before.

Police and anti-gang groups have intervened in recent years, and agencies only recently familiar with the divide are hoping for a peaceful resolution — especially when the young refugees threatened retaliation with a cache of primitive weapons.

But police and resettlement groups today say they are largely unaware of the escalating problem, and Bhutanese and Nepalese refugees interviewed for the story acknowledged their reluctance to go to the authorities.

Instead, they say, they kept loose documentation of some 300 incidents before a meeting with police two years ago, and hundreds more since, only to see nothing change.

Now, they say, they are preparing to defend themselves — violently, if necessary.

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White people have created institutions and policies to divide other people and make them fight one another so it is easier to dominate and control them.

This is one of the oldest trick in the book colonizers use for thousands of years.

as much as i’d like to blame this on white people, this is far more sinister than that. don’t fucking make excuses for racist POC, because we are just as capable of being racist towards people with different skin colors, and that’s not just a ‘white’ thing.

this is a nationalism problem, not a skin color problem. 'intersectionality' is admitting that a black AMERICAN community is terrorizing, quite literally, a group of Asian refugees, who have escaped brutal parts of asia.

these people aren’t being discriminated against for their skin or the way they look, they are victims of racism and bashings and robbery because of their culture. this is not a skin color thing. this is cultural imperialism. this is nationalism. and american people of color oppress ‘foreigners’ all the time. white men just happen to be on the top.

but this? really? when it’s explicitly stated members of the black community are making threats? when this is clearly a ‘get out of america’ thing? this guy wasn’t robbed by ‘white people’ he was robbed by AMERICANS. he was robbed by black AMERICANS. racist and nationalist black AMERICANS.

simplifying the problem helps absolutely no one and there is a massive national privilege that is being ignored here considering these people are refugees.

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