"Ellen Reads Her Chinese Viewers’ Names"


Ellen mispronounces Chinese people’s names and she and her audience laugh at them cuz it’s racistly funny apparently



Ellen uses “American” interchangeably with “English”, as in, the language.

At 2:30: "This one, they didn’t even try to do American, this is just Chinese."

The comments are turned off on this video, but how was this even cleared to be aired?? Fuck you Ellen. This isn’t the first time you’ve been racist on your show.

This is why you weaboos/koreaboos/white ppl CANNOT give yourself a “japanese” or "korean" or "chinese" name for yourself (or any name from a language and culture that’s not your own). Whites take our names as jokes and we’re mocked for it in real life and in the media. 


We’re constantly othered, demeaned, and fetishized. Trash like you butcher our names and turn them into racist caricatures.

Our names are precious and beautiful and meaningful in ways you can’t begin to understand. Our names are carefully crafted together by our parents/family.

You trash don’t deserve to utter our names. Fuck you.

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Shah is displeased with The Washing.

peaceshannon 사람들 비겁함과 멍청함은 가끔씩 상상을 뛰어넘는 것 같아요.

Male friend: What are you doing?

Me: (Spreads legs and arms apart and grabs bedsheet with hands and toes) Starfish.

MF: What?

Me: Starfish.

MF: Is this a new way of saying you’re not getting out of bed?

Me: Burger King.

MF: Will you at least make the coffee?

Me: Think.

Shah says “Boo hoo.”

Had a lovely day with itspuddingcakes. Ate and walked around Shinchon, Hongdae.

taeyeonlikesgirls said: is that a cheese cake? your display photo. making me hungry

Yes. Some say the best in Korea. Come to Edae and I shall feed you it.

Anonymous said: So you're nothing but a dumb adopted westerner trying to say you know a lot about Korean culture....wannabe much? You will never be accepted here


Try harder, sweetheart. Try harder.

I have changed. A bottle of wine, food(preferably cooked by someone else), Shah, and a good movie/TV show are preferred to a night out for Friday nights. I miss wanting to go out.. Hope y’all have a great night of debauchery though! 불금!(Though to be strictly correct, it is mostly 불토)

If you ever get word that I am no longer of this world, just think I got married and am trying to hide the fuck from EMAW. Either that or I attempted to break into whatever place clouds are stored.

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