this illustrates a lot of what’s fucked up with the state of adoption today. poor (brown) people don’t have the right to parent their own children. but middle class (white) people have the right to fundraise to take and raise their children. and adoption agencies are laughing all the way to the bank.

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British Photoset #8


LiberTea Photoset #6 

American Photoset #7

Dunno about the others but the Japanese and Chinese tea etiquette is shit. Fucking hipsters.

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I’m disappointed that I was unable to capture Shah’s tumble from his lofty perch. I was able to capture his ‘you saw nothing’ expression on his face afterwards though.

I don’t know why society keeps pressing on this idea that women are the ones who are anxious to get married and lead a domestic life while in my small pool of middle-class big-company ant acquaintances men seem to be more eager past the age of 25.

I have really low expectations. Especially in men who show romantic or sexual interest. I don’t expect you to be honest, message/call constantly, or cater to my needs. Because I surely as fuck not going to.

Now that I think about it, I don’t really like men in general. I grew up with only girl friends, went to an all girls’ high school, and even though I vowed I would not go to a women’s college, my major was 90% female. Men are an alien species whose thought processes are unbelievably simple yet still unfathomable. The few times I tried to tutor boys, it was a fiasco where I told the mother I would not tutor their kid because they are [assholes] who do not pay attention so it is a waste of my time and their money. This accumulated in me having only three boyfriends, in which only one lasted longer than six months, despite my not few dalliances. Don’t really want to know your name, number, age, or anything personal unless you are exceptional in some way. It is at the point that I don’t even want to go on a date.

The one male in my life is my male friend. He has his faults and annoys me from time to time from his ingrained chauvinistic piggism. But he is also a rare case who accepts me as I am, even when I do annoy him to no end, without putting me on a platform or trying to fit me into a mold. I’ve always felt sorry for Galatea.

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1. what is your favorite show/movie/media & why?
Ohhh. This is hard. I loved 설국열차(Snowpiercer) for its depiction of a post apocalyptic world and its critique of the modern. But my go-to movie when I need some healing or have a hard time sleeping is ‘Silence of the Lambs’ and ‘Finding Nemo’. The dialogue scenes between Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lecter are unmatched, and I loved everything in ‘Finding Nemo’—the sea, the turtles, the sharks, Dory.

2. ideal housing siutation?
I don’t really care, as long as there’s a roof over my head, has running water, electricity, a/c, heating, space for my bed and my cat. Has to be 1. near a police station 2. near a bus stop(at least within 3 minutes). If I was to overreach a bit, then I would like to have a large spacious kitchen complete with a KitchenAid mixer, oven, and marble countertops for making chocolate and baking.

3. would you rather have a roach infestation or spider infestation?
I would think spiders, but I actually prefer roaches, because then I could kill them with no guilt attached. Shah would hunt them down for me. And I read too many horror stories of people being bitten by spiders… I’ve never been able to warm to the Spiderman stuff.

4. how is your temper/how patient are you?
Not patient at all.

5. song(s) that hold lots of memories for you?
‘Uncle Fucka’. Used to sing it to my ex in public whenever he asked me to do aegyo or sing a song.

6. what do you find yourself forgetting or losing the most?
Credit cards, transit cards, ID, earphones, earrings.

7. when buying electronics, do you choose white, black or wait until more colours come out?
Black. Sometimes white. Not much of a color person. Nor do I care that much for I know it has but a limited time on this earth.

8. what do you wish people recognized/were more aware of as a part of your personality?
My ajummaness.

9. what food group is your favorite food group?
Which ever ‘chocolate’, ‘tea’, ‘sugar’, and ‘honey’ belong. I guess dairy?

10. what would the title of your #1 playlist be?
그땐 미처 몰랐지

11. what is your favorite part of your day?
Dwindling before going to sleep, dawdling before getting out of bed.

New Questions:
1. What is the one memory you sometimes play over in your head that makes you smile?

2. The trait or character flaw that makes a person absolutely intolerable to you?

3. If you could spend a week anyway you liked with unlimited resources, how would it go?

4. One thing you hope to have accomplished by the time you’re 70?

5. Spender or saver?

6. What is your favorite cartoon character?

7. What would your ideal last meal on Earth be?

8. Which would you prefer? Eternal summer or eternal winter?

9. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

10. What is your favorite snack?

11. Which would you prefer to be and why: a. Man Friday in Robinson Crusoe, b. Danny(the little boy) from The Shining, c. Annie Wilkes(Kathy Bates) from Misery, d. Eric Cartman in South Park

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KimonoTime, A.K.A. Kelsey Ellison’s experience with X-Factor UK

Please read:
TLDR: I got scouted and had a private audition because of my videos and made me feel they were really interested in kpop. The celebrity judges in the room audition wanted more Korean and then at Wembley the monitors weren’t on so I couldn’t hear my voice and was told I was terrible and they didn’t understand why I sung in Korean and I was in the wrong country, humiliating me in front of 5,000 people. In both auditions I didn’t get chance to prepare, because in the room audition they forgot about me and in the Wembley Audition they abandoned me and then put me on first.

Even though this isn’t related to shopping or my blog in particular, I felt the need to share this because it does relate to how Asian fashion, music, and the culture in general is perceived and manipulated by the media. It’s unfortunate that Kelsey was sought out for the sole purpose of making her, and kpop enthusiasts, look like fools. For another example of how this often happens, watch TLC’s My Strage Addiction “Living Doll” episode which features Venus Angelic and a girl named Emily, who are both into lolita or jfashion. While Venus’s segment may be true to her character, Emily’s segment was very scripted and edited and made to look weird and both Venus’s and Emily’s segments were manipulated to give a misrepresentation of the lolita subculture or jfashion in general. 

With that small slightly-irrelevant rant aside, I wish for others to spread this around, because it isn’t fair to Kelsey that she was badly mistreated and it was very unprofessional and misleading on X-factor’s end, especially if this could have potentially hurt Kelsey’s career or give her a bad image. 

~ Rini

Thank you so so much for sharing this and to everyone who has been supporting me! <3

A friend just showed me this let me make a few points real fast ok

  • You were humiliated because you put yourself in that position. The judges were right to question why you were attempting Korean because it was obviously unnatural to you and you were using it for the sake of being different or “exotic”. You were using the language as a costume and that’s why it’s bad and you deserved what you got.
  • This has nothing to do with how Korean media or culture is portrayed and everything to do with white people appropriating our language to seem different and just end up making a mockery of it, and of themselves.
  • In response to the person who commented above, there is no such thing as Asian culture.
  • There is
  • no such
  • thing as
  • "Asian culture"
  • "Rini"? Either this is from Sailor Moon or you just found the name somewhere, either way.. Give me a fucking break.

literally fucking get out and never touch my culture’s media again oh my god.


I can’t tell if you guys have to try to be stupid or it just comes to you all naturally

Wow how dare actual Koreans hate whatever the fuck it is that you’re doing

w o w


Fucking hilarious, the extent of obliviousness this white girl has.

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박근혜 현재 지지율 51.8%
박근혜 대선 득표율 51.6%

하하하하하하하 씨발 조까라 그래.

리얼미터. 이 새끼들은 대체 뭐하는 새끼들이지?
조사방법. 오차범위. 차기대권주자 지지도도 다 있으면서 왜 응답률만 빠져있냐.
그것도 평소에는 꼬박꼬박 넣던 새끼들이. 옘병지랄한다. 순간 눈을 돌리면 이딴 상황이 벌어지는거지. 누구 탓하겠어. 우리나라 현실을 외면하고 있던 나와 나 같은 인간들이 병신짓했으니..

lifelovekorea I’ll try to drum up the energy to sort out the timeline and current situation. I think this is an issue that can either signal the turning point or the death toll of korean politics.

Hoping everyone in Busan and Ulsan are safe.