I no longer use Naver as my primary search engine. The biggest reason why is because I am fed up with their tactics in manipulating media. They block automatic word completion results that are unfavorable. For example, two days before the election, I heard that 나꼼수 was being blocked by search engines. I tried Naver, Nate, and Daum. Daum was the only one that had them on automatic word completion. After the election, they had it back. The news is no better. I find articles that are critical and can cause discomfort for the fucking birdheads on the front page of Daum, but not on Naver and Nate. For example, privatization of water utilities never made a stir, and today’s railroad policies couldn’t be found, even when I combed through the smaller categories. This is a tendency I found to be present starting with Minerva and US FTA candlelight vigils and reached its max after last year’s Seoul mayoral by-election. The government/corporations(same difference) find no end of ways to gag public opinion. I really hate the fact I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but that is the state of our country. People speaking simple truths sound like freaking paranoids.


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