The State of Korea

I haven’t been posting about any current events that’s been happening in Korea. Which doesn’t mean it’s been peaceful. Far from it. It’s been getting bad to worse over here. The reason why I haven’t posted much about Korea is 1. The sheer amount overwhelmed me. 2. It’s been getting more and more depressing. 3. I’ve been hiding away on Tumblr because everyone is so nice, unlike the outside world. To be honest, I don’t follow many blogs, but even my anons were so nice. I didn’t want to clutter it. 4. My laptop was refusing to log on to Tumblr.

So, things that have been happening:
1. Lee Dong Heub went into hiding, severing contact with everyone at the courthouse and the press. Yet, there were rumors that he was contacting politicians secretly on what to do. His position is in stand still because he didn’t pass the hearing, LMB refused to take any action on his part(saying he had no more responsibility besides announcing the candidate), Park Geun Hye’s side is saying it’s up to LMB or the National Assembly, some Saenuri members(notably Kwon Seong Dong-Lee Dong Heub’s high school senior) are saying they needed to put it to vote, and the DUP and some Saenuri members are saying that there was no way they were putting him up to vote since he didn’t pass the hearing and that Lee should stand down or LMB should veto his candidacy. Oh and amongst all this, Lee came out of his hiding hole today and is going about saying how he is “willing to give all the special business expense money(that he put in his personal account) to charity” and that the hearing tore his life and the lives of his family members apart. Fuck you. The people of the Yongsan Tragedy had their lives torn apart. You are just wallowing in your crocodile tears.

2. NIS agent is like a fucking onion. 까도까도 끝이없어. NIS itself has changed its story from “there was no internet activity” to “it was to spy and wreck psychological warfare on North Korea”. And the evidence that refutes those stories just keeps on rolling out. A news media found out, after they got a list of the ID’s the agent used, that she also voted on/wrote posts about Korean politics the presidential election that were favorable to the Saenuri/PGH and derogatory towards Moon/DUP. They contacted NIS for a statement, only to find the post they questioned erased from all records. They found that a civilian man helped the agent in her activities, then the man disappeared, not at his home or anywhere else. And the list goes on and on. Still think the election was a fair one? Oh, and the agent has currently sued the unidentified parties that leaked her IDs.

3. Jang Seok Woo, owner and CEO of Open World Entertainment and serial rapist is at the end of his second trial. At his first trial, he was sentenced six years but he appealed the sentence. During the second trial, he said that he felt badly, was an upright citizen with an elderly mother, a wife, and children to support, and the sentence was too harsh. Well, let’s see. This is man who raped the girl trainees in his company, ordered some of his boy idol members to feed some of the victims drugged beer and rape the girls while he watched through the CCTV and later sometimes participated. There were 11 victims. 2 were minors. The rapes occurred regularly, at least once a week, after hours in his private office or the company practice room. The rapists were Jang, some of his boy idol group members, and a singer/producer friend from outside the company who has only been identified by the last name Kang. The police found sex toys, women’s stocking, pornographic videos, and rape drugs in his private office. Jang admitted guilty to all charges and is currently asking for his sentence to be reduced from six years penitentiary to probation.

4. North Korea is getting ready to test nukes. It seems DUP and Saenuri are trying to make look like they’re forming a united front. Which, as well as everyone knows, is just a lot and lot of talk.

5. Park’s popularity is already on a steady decline with a record low for a presidential incumbent.

6. Park is blaming the public office hearings as being too negative and focusing on the candidate’s private lives. She says they are deterring good and worthy people from office and that the hearings focused on the private lives should be held behind closed doors.

7. Samsung had an accident where florine gas leaked out of the pipes in one of its factories which resulted in casualties. Samsung then made the stupid mistake of trying to cover it up. It then made another mistake of playing it down. The news media found that there had been another similar accident in one of Samsung’s factories in Hwaseong a while back that had not been reported. Samsung blew it off, saying it was not a its own factory but the factory of one of its subcontractors and therefore Samsung was not liable for reporting the accident to public records. Is it just me, or am I repeating myself over and over again with the same story?

8. All of Korea’s presidents had an official title for the government during their presidency. Before Kim Young Sam, they just called it the “The First/Second/and so on Republic”. Then Kim Young Sam became president by the country’s first real election. So he decided to show he cut ties with the past by naming the government in a different style that showed his fair democracy. The presidents that came behind him followed suit. Kim Young Sam’s government was “The Civilian Government(문민정부)”. Kim Dae Jung’s was “The People’s Government(국민의 정부)”. Roh Moo Hyun’s was “The Participating Government(참여정부)”. Lee Myung Bak’s was “Lee Myung Bak’s Government(이명박 정부)”. And Park Geun Hye’s government will now be “Park Geun Hye’s Government(박근혜 정부)”. At least there’s one thing they are being honest about.

Is everything so down and depressing in Korea these days? Not quite. I saw a few articles about Hong Seok Cheon who appeared as a guest at the popular talk show “Healing Camp.” From what I read in the articles and the comments below, his appearance made a favorable impression on the public. So that’s something.


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